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Individualized Training Programming

The Most Effective Method For A Complete, MUSCULAR Build!

With Most Trainers & Coaches


#2: Cookie-Cutter Programs

#3: Limited Education & Training

We Are Your

Achieve your Goals WITHOUT Injury!

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we are experts in injury prevention. Our online coaching services include technique correction, load management and fatigue-monitoring, allowing you to train consistently, injury-free

Identify & Abolish Weaknesses

You're only as strong as your weakest link. We will identify areas that may be holding you back and develop a plan to make them your strengths!

Eliminate the Guess Work!

A detailed intake provides us with the information needed to set up a personalized exercise and nutrition plan for YOU.

Interactive Training Platform

It's 2020 - shouldn't your programming reflect that? Our state of the art training app makes your training experience simple and convenient.


Simple. Convenient. Effective.

As part of your training experience, you will be given access to our training app at NO additional charge!

We Develop Effective Programs

To Meet Goals!

Building Muscle MASS

We know that adding lean, aesthetic muscle to your body is as appealing as it is functional.

We will help you improve body composition (more muscle & less fat), regardless if you are:

  • A bodybuilder
  • A recreational weight lifter
  • Looking to get beach ready
  • Wanting to improve how you look and feel

maximizing strength

Getting stronger is one of the best ways to build muscle. Don’t be all show and no go.

  • Look & lift like a badass
  • Smash new PR’s
  • Build resiliency against injury
  • Strategically add strength phases to maximize hypertrophy

Getting Ripped

We utilize the most up-to-date methods for maximizing fat loss WITHOUT gimmicks or fads

  • Maintain hard earned muscle during fat loss
  • Cut body fat and improve aesthetics
  • Get beach ready!
  • Looking to get that toned and cut look

Dr. John Kahl, DPT, CSCS

Dr. John Kahl, DPT, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy: Valedictorian
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Sports Lead for St. Charles Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Strength Training Expert

Dr. Daniel Lorentz, DPT, FSThP, CSCS

Dr. Daniel Lorentz, DPT, FSThP, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Fellow of Osteopathic Manual Medicine
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Expert Bodybuilding Trainer

The Fitness Experts Other Experts Trust

What Our Clients Say

Choose Your PLAN

We custom build every program based on your goals, schedule, medical history, and available equipment.
Choose the individualized coaching package that best fits you.


Great Place To Begin Online Training
$ 74
  • Our entry-level package includes a comprehensive program designed to meet your goals, accountability to ensure continued progress, and 7-day messenger support.

    This Package is Best For:
  • Lifters wanting an effective, structured program
  • Lifters looking to get past plateaus
  • Lifters who would benefit from accountability to ensure continued progress


Our Most Popular Package
$ 124
  • Our most popular package includes everything in Starter package PLUS:

    30 minute monthly video check-ins to establish a base for the following month's program, with weekly check-ins through our in-app messenger help shape the following week’s plan. This results in a program that becomes even more customized to your needs over time.

    This Package is Best For:
  • Lifters who want a deeper understanding of exercise science, nutritional science, and individualization to maximize results
  • Lifters who want an in-depth movement analysis from doctors and expert coaches to optimize technique and muscle gains



The Most Elite Package Available Online
$ 174
  • Our Premiere coaching package includes everything in the Starter package PLUS:

    30 minute weekly video check-ins to establish clear direction for the following week's program, resulting in a program that offers the highest level of personalization. We have limited spots available for this package, and require application approval prior to admission.

    This Package is Best For:
  • Lifters who want the greatest amount of support, accountability, and individualization to look & perform at the highest level possible
  • Those looking to compete at an elite level
  • Application for admission required


Those We Support:


  • Detailed individualized training program with every exercise, set, reps, and rest period laid out in the user friendly TrueCoach app (app is included with purchase – there are NO additional fees!)
  • Nutrition recommendations based on your goals: daily caloric intake, carbs/fats/protein, supplementation
  • 7-day messenger support
  • Video call for in-depth review of: training sessions, exercise technique, dietary adherence, body weight, fatigue, and education. Heroic and Legendary ONLY
  • Exercise library with detailed exercise descriptions, cues for optimal execution, and video bank for all included exercises
  • Minimum of at least 2 years weight room experience preferred
  • Individualized training program is a digital-based service
  • Exercise programs are provided through the TrueCoach app
  • Communication via TrueCoach app and e-mail
  • All sales are final
  • There are NO contracts: you may terminate services at any time
  • Payments are bi-weekly


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