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Anterior Shoulder Pain: Part 4/8

A common cause of poor glenohumeral mechanics is limited LAT extensibility. A function of the latissimus dorsi is shoulder internal rotation – myofascial restriction here can cause excessive internal rotation, especially during elevation, contributing to dynamic shoulder impingement.

For this stretch, we want to first make sure we sit BACK on our heels (similar to child’s pose position) – this takes up the soft tissue slack in the lumbar spine, facilitating a pre-stretch to the lats. Next, you want to place your arms on a physioball, ideally with the palms UP (rotating the elbows in) to externally rotate the humerus. If you’re unable to tolerate the palms up position, keep your palms facing each other until greater flexibility is achieved.

The key to this exercise is to RELAX into the stretch as you sink your body between your arms. Continue to sink your body between your arms until you feel a gentle stretch. To bias one side, you can side bend your spine AWAY from the side being stretched as shown in the video.

Maintain the position of stretch for 30sec, repeat 3 times.

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