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Anterior Shoulder Pain: Part 5/8

Here, Dr. Kahl  is demonstrating a self-myofascial release to the posterior shoulder complex to increase horizontal adduction and IR, as well as shoulder and scapular movement dissociation.

This can be progressed/regressed by utilizing different balls (tennis, golf, lacrosse) and positions (sidelying).

This technique, although self-administered, in theory gives the same benefits as other methods of tissue mobilization: Improved healing, released adhesions, neuromodulation, increased range of motion, the list goes on.

MAJOR KEY ALERT: Using this (or practically any) technique in isolation isn’t a one-stop fix! Just like a mechanic, this is one of many tools we have to address our symptoms. The most important aspect following this self-mob will be covered in our next video. Stay tuned!


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