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Should I Squat High or Low Bar?

In the previous post, we’ve discussed why most people can squat more weight with a low bar position – simply put, it’s a more mechanically efficient movement. The question is: is low bar superior to high bar squatting? Does this matter? Answer: It DEPENDS on your GOALS! Overall Total –[…]

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High Bar vs Low Bar

Why can you squat MORE with a low bar position vs. a high bar position? – A matter of TORQUES!   Primary movement requirements: Hip extension and knee extension DRIVE the squat movement. (Load stabilization is also required from the back, shoulders, and especially the feet!) High Bar Squat: the[…]

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No time? Do HIIT!

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a method of training that allows us to make the most out of the little time we may have to train. HIIT consists of quick, intense bursts of exercise (5 sec – 5 min) at a high percentage of our max heart rate[…]

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Training to failure – GOOD or BAD?

Here’s some evidence: A 2015 study compared elbow flexor muscle adaptation for three groups of male subjects over a 12-week training regimen. The group training variables were: 1) non-failure with rapid concentric and 2 sec eccentric tempo, 2) non-failure with rapid concentric and eccentric tempo, 3) failure with 2 second[…]

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Why HIGH Frequency Training is Beneficial!

⚠ Skill Improvement: 👌The more you practice a skill/movement, the more efficient you will be. Neuroplasticity, the ability of the nervous system to adapt and change, requires continued performance of a given skill over time (Kleim & Jones, 2008) ⚠ Training Volume: 👆While training a movement pattern/muscle group more times[…]

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Anterior Shoulder Pain: Part 8/8

 Wall slide with foam roller for serratus anterior & rotator cuff musculature. The serratus anterior muscle plays a huge role in movement of the shoulder complex. It functions to: protract the scapula, upwardly rotate the scapula, and assist in scapular posterior tilting and external rotation. In addition, it helps[…]

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