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Building Muscle: Muscles Respond to Mechanical Tension

🔹️In order to maximize muscular hypertrophy (growth), there must be a progressive increase in weight lifted over time.🏋️‍♀️

➡️Increased weight lifted = increased levels of mechanical tension and loading experienced by the muscle fibers.

⚠️HOWEVER, movement velocity needs to be slow in order to maximize cross bridge formation within a given muscle.

➡️Think of a power clean (performed quickly) vs. a heavy deadlift (performed slow).

🔹️There are 2 ways to achieve optimal muscle mechanical loading:
1) lifting heavy weights (velocity will be slow due to the relatively heavy load).
2) lifting light to moderately heavy loads to failure.

🔹️Both methods will result in high levels of muscular tension with recruitment of high threshold motor units.

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