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Best Approach For Most Back Pain

Public Service Announcement: Spreading the word of the benefits of PT over surgery, opioids, and MRI results in regards to low back pain. This is something all PTs, patients, the public, and all healthcare practitioners need to know! Independence and an active, healthy lifestyle are great attributes to addressing long-term[…]

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Herniated Discs Can HEAL!

Great post here by @dr.surdykapt Explaining the resiliency of the human spine and how exercise is an effective way to improve symptoms! ・・・ Your intervertebral discs are NOT like jelly donuts. Have you ever seen a jelly donut squat 1,000lbs, dunk a basketball, or run 25 miles per hour? Me neither.[…]

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What Does My MRI Mean For Back Pain?

Medical Imaging and Back Pain 🏥 MRIs and other medical imaging are great for RULING OUT any SERIOUS pathology when suspected by a healthcare professional ex) fracture, spinal cord compression, etc. However, in the absence of red flags🚨, image findings should be interpreted with caution and the results should never[…]

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Olympic vs Crossed Grip Front Squats

We receive many questions on which front squat position is optimal and/or what the differences are, between olympic and crossed grip. The front rack position, as shown in the picture on the left, is a secure way to stabilize the barbell during the front squat. This method is ideal for[…]

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Should I Squat High or Low Bar?

In the previous post, we’ve discussed why most people can squat more weight with a low bar position – simply put, it’s a more mechanically efficient movement. The question is: is low bar superior to high bar squatting? Does this matter? Answer: It DEPENDS on your GOALS! Overall Total –[…]

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High Bar vs Low Bar

Why can you squat MORE with a low bar position vs. a high bar position? – A matter of TORQUES!   Primary movement requirements: Hip extension and knee extension DRIVE the squat movement. (Load stabilization is also required from the back, shoulders, and especially the feet!) High Bar Squat: the[…]

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