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Tips for Improving Strength

Some tips for getting strong 💪 🔶1. Skill specificity: Practice movements you want to get strong in OFTEN. Strength is a skill; the more you practice, the more neurologically efficient you will become. Train movements 2-4 times per week. 🔶2. Lift with the intent of perfecting every rep. Granted, every[…]

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Tips for Getting JACKED

Some Tips for Getting Jacked: 💪–🔹️1. Focus on getting stronger: Yes, strength progression should be a priority in your program.  Muscular hypertrophy (increasing muscular size) occurs in response to progressively increasing levels of mechanical tension.–🔹️2. Volume is necessary: Adequate volume is needed to optimize muscle size.  How much?  Beginning with 10+ sets per muscle group[…]

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Looking to Maximize Muscle Hypertrophy?

💪 Muscular hypertrophy, the increase in muscular size due to an increase in contractile fiber cross sectional area, is a physiological adaptation to resistance training and a sought after training goal by many gym goers.–In order to build muscle mass, there needs to be a SPECIFIC and ADEQUATE training stimulus.[…]

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