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Olympic vs Crossed Grip Front Squats

We receive many questions on which front squat position is optimal and/or what the differences are, between olympic and crossed grip. The front rack position, as shown in the picture on the left, is a secure way to stabilize the barbell during the front squat. This method is ideal for[…]

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Should I Squat High or Low Bar?

In the previous post, we’ve discussed why most people can squat more weight with a low bar position – simply put, it’s a more mechanically efficient movement. The question is: is low bar superior to high bar squatting? Does this matter? Answer: It DEPENDS on your GOALS! Overall Total –[…]

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High Bar vs Low Bar

Why can you squat MORE with a low bar position vs. a high bar position? – A matter of TORQUES!   Primary movement requirements: Hip extension and knee extension DRIVE the squat movement. (Load stabilization is also required from the back, shoulders, and especially the feet!) High Bar Squat: the[…]

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