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Building Muscle: Muscles Respond to Mechanical Tension

🔹️In order to maximize muscular hypertrophy (growth), there must be a progressive increase in weight lifted over time.🏋️‍♀️–➡️Increased weight lifted = increased levels of mechanical tension and loading experienced by the muscle fibers.–⚠️HOWEVER, movement velocity needs to be slow in order to maximize cross bridge formation within a given muscle.–➡️Think[…]

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Tips for Improving Strength

Some tips for getting strong 💪 🔶1. Skill specificity: Practice movements you want to get strong in OFTEN. Strength is a skill; the more you practice, the more neurologically efficient you will become. Train movements 2-4 times per week. 🔶2. Lift with the intent of perfecting every rep. Granted, every[…]

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High Bar vs Low Bar

Why can you squat MORE with a low bar position vs. a high bar position? – A matter of TORQUES!   Primary movement requirements: Hip extension and knee extension DRIVE the squat movement. (Load stabilization is also required from the back, shoulders, and especially the feet!) High Bar Squat: the[…]

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