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How to Become More Explosive

Are you an athlete looking to improve on-field performance? Become more explosive? Do you want to sprint faster, change directions quicker, jump higher/longer? ➡This post is for you!

Become more explosive by honing in on one of the most important aspects of explosive movements: Rate of Force Development (RFD).

Most sports require an athlete to move FAST and REACT quickly – in fact, most sports-specific task demands occur within a 200 millisecond time window. What does that mean? There is a high demand for generating as much FORCE as possible, in as short amount of TIME as possible!

As depicted in the graph above, an explosively-trained athlete, as compared to a predominantly heavy strength trained athlete, will generate much greater force within a short amount of time, translating to the time constraints of sports and performance events.

How do you implement this?

➡Incorporate more explosive type exercises and tempos into your training – plyometric jumps, medicine ball throws, plyometric push-ups, barbell “speed-work,” deceleration drills, etc. With the focus on moving as quickly as possible, while ALWAYS KEEPING CORRECT FORM/TECHNIQUE.

🔑Remember to always focus on developing STRENGTH as well! Heavy resistance training should continue to be a main part of your programming; however, explosive exercises are a must.

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