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Athletic Performance Program

This program is best suited for intermediate lifters with at least 1-2 years weight room experience and has experience and/or understanding of correct plyometric technique. Exercise technique is of upmost importance and essential for injury prevention and training longevity. This program also includes power developing barbell and dumbbell exercises, including the power clean, power clean variations, push presses and variations, and dumbbell snatches. It is recommended that the lifter has a general understanding of how these lifts should be performed safely and effectively. This program does NOT serve as individualized coaching by any means, and one should perform all exercises listed at your own risk. Remember, technique trumps weight, so never sacrifice the former for the latter. If the weights are not moving well on a given training day and form is not optimal, reduce the weight listed. Build good habits and a solid foundation: you canโ€™t shoot a cannon out of a canoe!

The goal of this program is to develop speed, strength, and conditioning while translating it into all-around athletic performance. The program is specifically designed to progress the athlete through a periodized 9-week program to optimize speed, strength, hypertrophy, rate of force development (RFD), cardio-respiratory conditioning, and jumping ability. If youโ€™re an individual who would like to develop an all-encompassing athletic base, this program is for you!

Any program that I have developed, I have also completed myself. While a program may appear effective in theory, it may not always be the most practical in reality. I believe that it is of upmost importance to put ideas into practice so that: 1) I can assure that the program progression is safe, effective, and feasible, and 2) to make necessary adjustments as needed.

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