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Shoulder Pain? Try Landmine Presses

As part of our Landmine Series!

Whether you want to build pressing strength, challenge yourself in new ways, or have trouble/pain completing vertical overhead movements, the landmine press is for YOU.

Here are some benefits:
The bar path of the landmine follows an arc, unlike a traditional barbell/dumbbell overhead press. This creates a different stimulus to the arms, upper chest, and shoulders due to the demands of the exercise. It is always important to build strength in MULTIPLE planes of motion!

Since this requires less shoulder mobility to complete, it is very appealing to those with pain or range of motion limitations doing strict vertical overhead pressing.

This exercise can be performed in many different ways: kneeling, half kneeling (shown left), or standing (shown right).

Tip: Keep your core TIGHT! Performing the landmine press with one arm will challenge CORE stability, as your trunk and abdominal muscles must work hard to stabilize the body and resist the multiplanar force of the landmine.
Want to see more of our landmine series? Here is part one featuring Dr. John Kudreyko!

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