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Tips for Getting JACKED

Some Tips for Getting Jacked: 💪

🔹️1. Focus on getting stronger: Yes, strength progression should be a priority in your program.  Muscular hypertrophy (increasing muscular size) occurs in response to progressively increasing levels of mechanical tension.

🔹️2. Volume is necessary: Adequate volume is needed to optimize muscle size.  How much?  Beginning with 10+ sets per muscle group per week is a good starting point. Volume can be strategically increased from there; however, needs to be properly periodized. Find a good coach!

🔹️3. Train frequently: Muscle groups can be trained 2-3x per week. This will also help to achieve higher weekly training volumes. Protein synthesis peaks in the first 24 hours following weight training, and typically lasts up to 48 hours. Training the same muscle groups/movement patterns more times per week will allow protein synthesis to peak more often, yielding the potential for more strength and hypertrophy gains.

🔹️4. Train in a variety of rep ranges: Lower rep ranges (1-6) with heavier weight, medium rep ranges (6-12 reps) with moderate loads, and high rep ranges (15+ reps) with lighter loads will maximize the hypertrophic response by training all muscle fiber types within a given muscle.  You are short changing your growth potential by only utilizing one range!

🔹️5. Take SOME of your training sets to, or close to, failure:  Lifting lighter weights in fatiguing conditions is another way to effectively stimulate muscle growth. Training to mechanical failure is a training TOOL and should not be over utilized.

🔹️6. Consume enough calories: You need to be consuming enough calories to supplement your training efforts in the gym. Consuming roughly 300-500 calories over maintenance calories per day is a good GUIDELINE for lean gains, while minimizing fat.  You also need enough protein. 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is a good goal to shoot for.

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