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Building Muscle: Muscles Respond to Mechanical Tension

🔹️In order to maximize muscular hypertrophy (growth), there must be a progressive increase in weight lifted over time.🏋️‍♀️–➡️Increased weight lifted = increased levels of mechanical tension and loading experienced by the muscle fibers.–⚠️HOWEVER, movement velocity needs to be slow in order to maximize cross bridge formation within a given muscle.–➡️Think[…]

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Tips for Improving Strength

Some tips for getting strong 💪 🔶1. Skill specificity: Practice movements you want to get strong in OFTEN. Strength is a skill; the more you practice, the more neurologically efficient you will become. Train movements 2-4 times per week. 🔶2. Lift with the intent of perfecting every rep. Granted, every[…]

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Best Approach For Most Back Pain

Public Service Announcement: Spreading the word of the benefits of PT over surgery, opioids, and MRI results in regards to low back pain. This is something all PTs, patients, the public, and all healthcare practitioners need to know! Independence and an active, healthy lifestyle are great attributes to addressing long-term[…]

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Tips for Getting JACKED

Some Tips for Getting Jacked: 💪–🔹️1. Focus on getting stronger: Yes, strength progression should be a priority in your program.  Muscular hypertrophy (increasing muscular size) occurs in response to progressively increasing levels of mechanical tension.–🔹️2. Volume is necessary: Adequate volume is needed to optimize muscle size.  How much?  Beginning with 10+ sets per muscle group[…]

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Herniated Discs Can HEAL!

Great post here by @dr.surdykapt Explaining the resiliency of the human spine and how exercise is an effective way to improve symptoms! ・・・ Your intervertebral discs are NOT like jelly donuts. Have you ever seen a jelly donut squat 1,000lbs, dunk a basketball, or run 25 miles per hour? Me neither.[…]

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What Does My MRI Mean For Back Pain?

Medical Imaging and Back Pain 🏥 MRIs and other medical imaging are great for RULING OUT any SERIOUS pathology when suspected by a healthcare professional ex) fracture, spinal cord compression, etc. However, in the absence of red flags🚨, image findings should be interpreted with caution and the results should never[…]

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